“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

……There are professions and then there are passions……

At one stage of life there comes an opportunity to follow your passion along with your profession and this opportunity was rightly grabbed by the internationally renowned and highly successful radiologist and teacher Dr.J.S.Randhawa.

After establishing one of the most coveted teaching centers in Diagnostic ultrasound -the Internationally famous Institute Of Ultrasound Training  in New Delhi and Dubai teaching thousands of doctors across the globe, it was time now for him to fulfil his creative dream project and thus was born REVERBERATION FILMS PRIVATE LIMITED”—A joint venture of intellectual and artistically inclined medicos Dr.J.S.Randhawa and Dr.Sonal Randhawa ably supported by non medicos, the creative Mr.Ranjan Singh and the multi-talented Mrs.Aashi Singh.

…But then,Rome was not built in a day……..

Seven years ago The quest for creativity brought a group of artistically talented medicos together and thus started the production of small stage plays enacted, directed, written and edited by the members themselves. It surely was an amateur attempt but to our pleasant surprise the plays were thoroughly appreciated wherever they were performed.

Majority of the plays were on social evils like gender discrimination,corruption and superstitions as the aim was to educate the masses along with entertainment.The experience thus gained ,encouraged us to finally plan on spreading these social messages laced with entertainment on a larger scale and truly speaking,what could be a better medium than movies. Nothing impacts the psyche of the masses more.

…You got to Chase the dream….

Finally the zeal, dedication and labour paid off and Reverberation Films Pvt Ltda duly registered company was launched officially .It was given membership by IMPPA(Indian motion pictures producers association) soon thereafter.

…And the first flower will bloom soon…..

Our first project ,a full fledged bollywood feature film is all set to be released most likely in 2016.Shooting and production work going at a fast pace.

…Going around nurturing talent….

We have a highly talented technical team and constantly searching for more to add  to our pool. Each team member is an epitome of perfection and encourages the new ones to achieve the same.

….Watch out as we march ahead…

With the first film on floor already going at an excellent pace…our team is geared up and all set for a new one and aims to produce successful projects every year….

Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around”.