“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

……There are professions and then there are passions……

At one stage of life there comes an opportunity to follow your passion along with your profession and this opportunity was rightly grabbed by the internationally renowned and highly successful radiologist and teacher Dr.J.S.Randhawa.

After establishing one of the most coveted teaching centers in Diagnostic ultrasound -the Internationally famous Institute Of Ultrasound Training  in New Delhi and Dubai teaching thousands of doctors across the globe, it was time now for him to fulfil his creative dream project and thus was born REVERBERATION FILMS PRIVATE LIMITED”—A joint venture of intellectual and artistically inclined medicos Dr.J.S.Randhawa and Dr.Sonal Randhawa ably supported by non medicos, the creative Mr.Ranjan Singh and the multi-talented Mrs.Aashi Singh.

…But then,Rome was not built in a day……..

Seven years ago The quest for creativity brought a group of artistically talented medicos together and thus started the production of small stage plays enacted, directed, written and edited by the members themselves. It surely was an amateur attempt but to our pleasant surprise the plays were thoroughly appreciated wherever they were performed.

Majority of the plays were on social evils like gender discrimination,corruption and superstitions as the aim was to educate the masses along with entertainment.The experience thus gained ,encouraged us to finally plan on spreading these social messages laced with entertainment on a larger scale and truly speaking,what could be a better medium than movies. Nothing impacts the psyche of the masses more.

…You got to Chase the dream….

Finally the zeal, dedication and labour paid off and Reverberation Films Pvt Ltda duly registered company was launched officially .It was given membership by IMPPA(Indian motion pictures producers association) soon thereafter.

…And the first flower will bloom soon…..

Our first project ,a full fledged bollywood feature film is all set to be released most likely in 2016.Shooting and production work going at a fast pace.

…Going around nurturing talent….

We have a highly talented technical team and constantly searching for more to add  to our pool. Each team member is an epitome of perfection and encourages the new ones to achieve the same.

….Watch out as we march ahead…

With the first film on floor already going at an excellent pace…our team is geared up and all set for a new one and aims to produce successful projects every year….

Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around”.

DR.J.S.Randhawa…man behind “Reverberation Films”..a multifaceted personality!!!

Dr.J.S.Randhawa is a renowned international radiologist universally acknowledged for his exceptional professional and teaching skills in the field of Diagnostic Ultrasound.He is acknowledged as a Legend of Ultrasonography among the entire medical fraternity of India Till date he has trained more than 10000 doctors from all accross the world in various modalities of ultrasound including echocardiography.He has also donned the mantle of a so called lawyer to fight a legal battle for his fraternity as petitioner in person in High court and Supreme Court.
Being in the medical profession for more than 20 years and after reaching the pinnacle in this field his restless and achiever personality craved to do something creative and different from the medical field.
As a leader of his sonological association he had many times organised and even conceptualised and enacted various dramas and plays particularly on the theme of “save the girl child”.The sole purpose of these plays used to be social awareness.This endeavour of his was highly acclaimed and appreciated by the general public everywhere these street plays were done.

This motivated him to venture into films as he felt that good films can be a very strong medium to create social awareness and educate masses on different social problems.
Hence was born his production company Reverberation Films Pvt Ltd.in 2015 which is releasing its first movie “Muskurahatein” on 25 th August 2017.The second movie “10 nahi 40″ is also almost complete and is scheduled to release in early 2018.

Dr.J.S.Randhawa fondly called JSR by his colleagues has not only acted in the above movies but is the director and scripwriter too of both.He is a perfectionist and hence prefers to look after every aspect of movie making personally whether its music or even marketing.
A multifaceted multitalented persona who is a doctor,lawyer,actor,director and producer.His friends tease him as DLA(Doctor Lawyer Actor).

But all this has not come easy as he had a very humble beginning.
He was born in Lucknow in an educated middle class family.His father was an acknowledged government lawyer while mother was working with telephones department .He was eldest among the three brothers.Though his family was well educated but there were a lot of financial problems during his childhood.He spent his early childhood in a small rented one and a half room house in a gurudwara in Lucknow.
His parents gave lot of stress on education and despite limited means admitted him in one of the best schools in Lucknow, St.Francis.Since it was a christian missionary school(convent) the good thing was that the fee was not very high.However,circumstances were such that at times even paying this much was difficult for his parents and many times he had to face the fear of being removed from school due to late payment of fee.The financial crunch was felt by him as a child and he used to try saving every penny.Once he travelled 8 kms on foot in hot summer just to save 50 paisa!

Despite all the difficulties he cleared his medical entrance exam and got admitted into MBBS in Sarojini Naidu Medical College Agra and finally post graduated in Radiology (one of the most sought after medical branch) from the same Institution.
In the same college he met his life partner and both got married in 1993.

After post graduation he came to Delhi to work.Initially he travelled in DTC buses going from one place to the other, changing jobs ,working day and night to get better salary so that he could sustain his family .The financial crunch still continued.However things started improving slowly DTC bus was replaced by scooter and then an old maruti 800 in which he used to carry his ultrasound machine from one hospital to the other seeing patients.

The old maruti that he had, had a very poor air conditioner.One day when the car was sent for washing ,he and his wife noticed that the AC was cooling better.Their scientific mind realised probably it was because of water over the condenser.So they developed a system where in they put a pipe through the stepney storage area which was over the condenser and carried it forward to the front companion seat.The pipe was connected to a funnel through which the person on companion seat would put water which dropped slowly over the condenser and kept cooling it.
Only problem was that after about 6 months the fan of condenser needed to be replaced due to water seepage over it. However that was affordable expenditure of Rs 800 .

Every Diwali for almost initial ten years of his career he and his wife would wish they could celebrate better.In between the struggle for existence the couple was blessed with a beautiful daughter and decided to confine to only one child so that they could concentrate on career building and at the same time give full attention to the child.

Slowly the things gradually improved after he started his teaching institution.Due to his talent and knowledge the institute and his fame spread all over and then there was no looking back.
A poster by his teacher is framed at the entry of his house— From Maruti 800 to Audi.
This was a candid description by a person who has seen his growth.

An achiever never stops so he launched Reverberation films in 2015.Films was an absolutely new territory for him.A person who sees may be one film a year and had no television at home thought of making a film and that too full fledged feature film for theatrical release all over India.

The path was not easy again but then since the thought behind it was charitable,the things finally fell into place slowly.
But it definitely tested the grit and determination,not only his but all the people who were with him in this endeavour.
Many people made fun of him,did not believe him and warded the whole idea off as a passing fad.But being a fighter he is , he kept his stand and moved on.The first movie ” Muskurahatein” was announced in March 2016.Every step was new for a person who had no connections anywhere in the film industry.On top of it not from Mumbai but Delhi.People ridiculed him for his naivety,some misguided,some discouraged and some just laughed it off.
But he remained undaunted and the shoot finally began for the first movie in May 2016 with himself as lead and known faces like Sanjay Mishra,Sham Mashalkar and Rakesh Bedi in special roles.Movie is based on extramarital relationships but has a unique never seen before ending sending an important message to all couples.

The movie shoot had a stressful beginning as after the first day shoot,the heroine of the movie started throwing tantrums,quit and refused to work further.She was the one who had continuously rehearsed for the role for six months and worked hard.
But then suddenly she left.The shoot was all lined up,all actors there from mumbai too and suddenly no clue what to do.
Shoot cannot continue without the heroine.But then where there is a will there is a way.Attempts were made to reconcile with her a bit but then since she remained adamant she was shown the door and replaced by someone else.It was a nightmare for all involved but still he remained undeterred and continued to shoot the next day.

Just a couple of days passed and new problem arose.Cinematographer was not acceptable to some influential ones and they refused to continue shoots until he was removed. After working for four days with him he was to be removed .Dr Randhawa, could just watch the poor guy, very decent as well, being replaced. Not only he had to bear extra costs for his replacement but the feeling of helplessness and guilt was so much that he could not even match his eyes when he was leaving .

Again after 7 days there was another tiff among the unit members and shoot brought to halt . The worst part was that the line producer and camera supplier had the shoots footage of a week and refused giving back.Whole night went in stressful discussions.The whole production team was worried that they would require reshoot and repay actors due to data loss. Only after repeated pleading with line producer ,the matter was sorted out and shoot began next evening.Being a novice in the field there were some people misguiding and taking advantage too but then this was all taken in stride.
The problems did not end, a person took hefty advance for shoots in UK and neither arraned the shoot nor retured the money , which was lost.
An associate in direction team showing tantrums since long and who was responsible for removing the cinematographer had now become a stress which was beyond tolerance. Dr Randhawa finally put his foot down and continued without him in later stages of shoots even though it was a very risky venture .

However,finally after some rough rides, Muskurahatein is all set to release now on 25th August,2017.
By the time postproduction for Muskurahatein was going on,he set a record of sorts by conceptualising,scripting,directing and shooting another movie “10 nahi 40″in a short term of 2 months .Post processing of this one is going on and hopefully it will be released in late 2017, few months after the first one.

A fighter and an achiever,his quest for excellence in this field too continues and the third movie is on the cards soon.

He wishes to use all the profits and proceedings from his movies for spreading social awareness and doing charitable works.
At the same time he continues to be in his first profession medicine which he believes has brought him till this place.Despite being involved in every aspect of movie making he still makes it a point not to miss his teaching sessions and his legal battles in the court for his students who are his biggest support and inspiration.He believes that he owes a lot of his success to the affection and blessings of his students.

The doctor,lawyer and actor in him will continue to strive for excellence always….
His famous words -Teach your child not to avoid stress but to manage stress.
Stress will always strike at intervals.
He feels stress is guiding factor for success. A successful person knows the management of stress and failures are due to succumbing in stressful situations.